Sky Century Investment (OTCMKTS: SKYI) has launched Cannabis News app.

Sky Century Investment, Inc., a U.S.-based CBD corporation, informs the public about a recentl launch of its first ever application available for Google Play Market. Shortly thereafter, Cannabis News will be available for Apple Store as well.

Cannabis News helps users congregate news on cannabis and related topics. With this app, users will be able to discover any and all pieces of news in regard to cannabis from various sources all over the world. The app’s functionality is designed to meet the requirements of both regular users and interested investors. People consuming cannabis-based goods will find it useful to get updates on changing legislation of different countries and new products hitting the market. On the other hand, potential investors who are interested in funding cannabis startups will be using Cannabis news to search for new investment opportunities. Moreover, even rival cannabis companies are going to be using the app to monitor trends and tendencies in the industry and closely watch their competitors.

At the moment the app has the following features:

  • monitoring and filtering of all the cannabis news and discoveries 24/7;
  • combining information from numerous existing sources into a convenient feed;
  • creating personal sets of bookmarks based on the desired content;
  • sharing favorite news through popular social media channels;
  • searching through sources via tags.

Cannabis News is constantly being developed to expand the number of available features and increased practicality. Sky Century Investment will be introducing updates to the app in a timely manner. Make sure to be the first one to get them.


About Sky Century Investment, Inc.

Sky Century Investment, Inc. is a Nevada corporation engaged in selling the highest quality CBD products to customers. The Company is using only ingredients of pharmaceutical grade in its products in order to provide the best quality on the market. The CBD products of SKYI are THC-free and tested for purity by independent labs. Apart from the quality CBD products, Sky Century Investment also provides a range online services, such as digital marketing and SEO, analytics and reporting. The Company is engaged in content marketing, website design and email marketing.

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