Sky Century Investment, Inc. Announces Its Plans to Expand Its CBD Products Assortment

Sky Century Investment, Inc. (OTC Markets: SKYI), a Nevada registered company, committed to selling the highest quality CBD products using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide the best product on the market for its customers, publicly announces its plans to expand its CBD products assortment.

Sky Century Investment, Inc. is pleased to announce that they intend to focus on expanding their product line with CBD content. This decision is made due to the fact that the providing of a wide range of CBD products will be beneficial for both the Company and its customers.

CBD (or Cannabidiol), is one of more than 100 chemicals called cannabinoids that have been identified in the cannabis plant. CBD has been thoroughly studied for its healing properties for medical use; it does not contain the psychoactive compounds that are usually associated with THC. This means that CBD is safe for users in a wide range of age groups.

Sky Century Investment, Inc. emphasizes the key difference between the two main cannabinoids extracted from the cannabis plant; Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD is a compound that is legal in most European countries when used as an additive to health and well-being. Sky Century Investment, Inc. specializes exclusively in the legal connections of the CBD, which are legal in most European territories and in other countries outside Europe. The second compound, THC, can be psychoactive and used as part of prescribed medications or for “recreational purposes”. Sky Century Investment, Inc. does not participate in the THC market.

Introducing CBD products to the market, Sky Century Investment, Inc. wants to provide customers with products that are not only effective, but also non-toxic and safe. Based on this motivation, the Company plans to expand its products range in the following areas including:

 ⁃ The cosmetic line for skin care will be selected to solve various problems, due to the fact that the CBD oil in them has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and soothing properties.

 ⁃ Tinctures (therapy for well-being)

 ⁃ CBD Capsules (food additives, various effects: invigorating effect, sedative effect)

 ⁃ Gummies (chewing marmalade)

 ⁃ Disinfectants

 ⁃ Pet products

The company considers it relevant and necessary to expand and launch a new range of CBD products.

About Sky Century Investment, Inc.

Sky Century Investment, Inc. (OTC Markets: SKYI) is a Nevada registered company, committed to selling the highest quality CBD products using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients to provide the best product on the market for its customers. Sky Century Investment, Inc. works exclusively with certified suppliers; all products offered by the Сompany do not contain THC and undergo independent laboratory testing for their chemical composition.

In addition to quality CBD products, Sky Century Investment, Inc. also provides a wide range of online services in the field of digital marketing, strategy, planning, SEO, analytics and reporting. Sky Century Investment, Inc. is engaged in content and website development, mail marketing for companies involved in the production of CBD products and not taking part in the THC part of the market.


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