Sky Century Investment Announces Change of Control of Company, Departure of Director and Officer, Appointment of New Director and Officer, & Launches New Website in Connection with New Business Plan

SHANGHAI, March 29, 2019 - Sky Century Investment Inc. (OTC: SKYI) is a Shanghai-based development-stage company incorporated in Nevada and announcing new management and business plans subsequent to a change of control transaction.

Change of Control

On October 22, 2018, the company underwent a change of control of ownership. Mr. Yan Tie Ying purchased 60,000,072 shares of the company’s common stock in exchange for $50,000.00. On March 21, 2019 Mr. Yan Tie Ying formally became a registered shareholder of the company by the issuance of his control stock certificate, and holds 54.53% of the issued and outstanding common stock of the company. The company has 110,022,572 common shares issued and outstanding.

Departure of Director and Officer; Appointment of Director and Officer

At the time of the change of control on October 22, 2018, the company's previous controlling shareholder, sole director and officer, Ms. Xiaoling Lei, resigned from her position as officer and director of the company. The new control person, Mr. Yan Tie Ying, then appointed Mr. Kamo Toneryan as the company's new director, President and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Toneryan is currently working with the company under a verbal contract and is not remunerated, although the company intends to enter into a written contract containing compensation for Mr. Toneryan in the near future. Mr. Toneryan is not a shareholder of the company. Please see the company's most recent quarterly disclosure report filed with the OTC for information on the beneficial ownership of the company's shares by control persons and management.

New Website and Business Plan

In connection with the company's change of control and management, the company has launched a new website,, and adopted a business plan in the CBD industry. Sky Century Investment, Inc. is a development-stage company actively pursuing a business plan to develop, source and market high-quality pharmaceutical grade CBD products. The company's new business plan, underway since its change of control in October 2018, has not yet generated any revenue or significant operations. The company is currently preparing a study of the Chinese market for newly-developed CBD products, and of attractive global markets for a variety of established and newly- developed CBD products, and intends to enter into contracts for the production of CBD products under its own private labels and market them in China and other attractive worldwide markets.

With over five years of experience in medical and health fields, Mr. Toneryan brings specific qualifications and skills that will enable Sky Century Investments, Inc. to enter the growing CBD market. From 2012 to 2017, Mr. Toneryan worked as a health practitioner offering various medical treatments to his clients including health supplements, essential oils, and acupressure. Since 2017, Mr. Toneryan has been studying in Fudan University in Shanghai, China to obtain a Master’s Medical degree.

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